How to Make a Large Wedding Feel Intimate

Your wedding day is a day to celebrate with all of your closest friends and family members! However, with a large guest list, it may feel more like a party than an intimate celebration.

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If you are wanting to feel as though you can connect with all of your guests, you may be seeking to create your large big day to feel like more of an intimate event.

If this is the case, then you are in luck! As here at Mountain Creek Lodge of Oklahoma, we have gathered some tips to assist you with creating your large wedding to be a more special celebration for you and your guests. If you are all set to take in some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Seating Your Guests. Most often, round tables are presented at wedding receptions for seating guests. However, to create a more intimate appeal, consider lining up long rectangular tables so that a multitude of guests can be seating together. This will create a more close-knit atmosphere, creating your big day to feel more intimate.
  • Serving Your Food. While plated meals are always a lovely way to present your wedding meal, know that a family-style service will showcase a more homey appeal. Place all of your food among your tables and let your guests pass them around. This will certainly have you feeling close to all of your loved ones.
  • Creating an Atmosphere. By utilizing lighting, you can create a romantic atmosphere, which will have your big day feeling more intimate. Consider having your venue showcase dim lighting, but illuminating it with up-lighting and pin spot lighting. This way, you can create the perfect ambience for your homey celebration.

Your wedding doesn’t have to feel like a party! These are just a few ways in which you can create your large big day to feel more intimate for you and your guests.

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If you are all set to book your wedding venue in Tulsa, Oklahoma to host your own nuptials, please contact us here at Mountain Creek Lodge of Oklahoma. We would be more than honored to host your happily ever after as your Tulsa wedding venue.

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