Money Saving Tips for Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is an expensive task! In fact, weddings can range anywhere from hundreds to upwards of thousands of dollars. Therefore, you will want to save money in any way that you can as you plan yours.

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Do you know that there are actually some tips that you can utilize to save you some money as you plan your own big day?

We believe that every couple should be fiscally responsible as they plan their happily ever after! That’s why, here at Mountain Creek Lodge of Oklahoma, we have comprised some money saving tips for the planning of your own big day. If you are all set to learn what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Consider Your Date. The date you choose for your big day can actually greatly influence the cost of your wedding details. Often, weddings are hosted on weekends. So, if you consider having yours on a weekday instead, you can usually discover less expensive prices presented by vendors, as these are off-days for them. In addition, avoid hosting your nuptials around the holidays, as prices are usually more expensive, especially if guests have to travel.
  • Wedding Dress Options. Every bride to-be will be on the hunt for her dream wedding dress! However, spending thousands of dollars on a gown that will only be worn once can be an unnecessary hit to your wedding budget. Instead, consider renting your wedding dress, or even consignment options, as it will be a much cheaper route for you to take.
  • Your Guest List. How big is your wedding guest list? Know that with more guests, comes more details that will need to be purchased. So, consider keeping your event more intimate. Instead of inviting everyone you know, such as your twice removed second cousin, or acquaintances that you rarely speak to, keep your guest list comprised of only your closest friends and family members.

By saving money when planning your wedding, you can start your marriage off right! These are just a few tips to assist you with doing so.

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Along with planning your wedding budget, you will also need to book your wedding venue in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So, please get in touch with us here at Mountain Creek Lodge of Oklahoma, as we would be honored to host your once in a lifetime celebration as your Tulsa wedding venue.