Top Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid Making

Your wedding will be such a memorable event for you and partner! In fact, it will be one of the most wonderful celebrations of your life.

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Seeing as this is a once in a lifetime experience, you will certainly want to ensure that it is planned to perfection!

We understand how important weddings are! That’s why, here at Mountain Creek Lodge of Oklahoma, as a Tulsa wedding venue, we have comprised some mistakes that you will want to avoid making as you plan your own big day. Be sure to continue reading to discover what these mistakes are:

  • Procrastinating. Your big day isn’t an event that you should plan overnight. So, you will certainly want to avoid procrastinating as you plan your wedding! Ideally, it is best to begin planning your nuptials about a year in advance. By doing so, you will have more venue and vendor options to choose from, as well as more time to develop the details for your big day. In addition, more time to plan will keep you stress-free, as you won’t be rushing to complete your tasks.
  • “Asking” for Gifts. You will most likely have a wedding gift registry, as you will want to provide your guests with the opportunity to congratulate on your marriage with a present. However, you won’t want to appear as though you are asking for a gift! So, avoid presenting your gift registry information right on your invitations, but as its own insert instead. This way, it appears as more of a gesture and option for your guests, rather than a demand.
  • Changes in Weight. Once you have discovered your dream wedding dress, it will be created in your size for you. Then, you will most likely have alterations completed, to ensure that it fits you to perfection. Throughout this time, you will want to avoid having any significant changes in weight. So, don’t take part in any pre-wedding diets, as this should be completed before you purchase your dress. In addition, don’t indulge either. After all, you will want your dress to fit you like a glove for your walk down the aisle.

Your wedding planning experience doesn’t have to be daunting! In fact, if you avoid making these mistakes, you can go about planning your big day with ease.

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If you are planning your own journey to your happily ever after and still searching for your dream wedding venue in Kellyville, Oklahoma, please contact us here at Mountain Creek Lodge of Oklahoma. We are so honored with the opportunity to host such wonderful celebrations, and would be pleased to host yours as well.