Unique Dessert Tables to Present at Your Wedding

When it comes to your big day, your guests will certainly be anticipating your scrumptious wedding cake! However, it is important to remember that everyone has their own taste, and not all of your guests may enjoy cake.

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If this is the case, know that you are not limited to presenting just cake at your wedding, as you can showcase a unique dessert table!

Here at Mountain Creek Lodge of Oklahoma, we believe that every wedding should highlight creative details! That’s why we have gathered some unique dessert table ideas that you could utilize for your own wedding. If you are ready to discover what these ideas are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Pie

    The great thing about pie is that it is incredibly diverse! From fruit to cream, you will have an array of options that you can present. In addition, you can even showcase slices or hand pies. The opportunities are truly endless! With so many options available, you will certainly be able to please all of your guests if you present a dessert table full of pie!

  • Donuts

    How could you say no to a delicious donut? Just as with pie, you have an array of options to choose from! Glazed, powdered, filled; you can certainly ensure that your guests will discover a donut that they will enjoy. In addition, you can present fruit or cream filled, and even holes or originals, for a creative display for your big day.

  • S’mores

    Everyone loves delicious s’mores! However, you can take a twist on the traditional appeal and present a unique dessert table for your guests! In addition to graham crackers, showcase sweets such as cookies as options to create yours. And, let’s not forget other delicious add-ons, such as bacon, sprinkles, peanut butter…a unique spin on this scrumptious sweet treat will certainly please your guests.

Every wedding should present delicious sweet treats! These are just a few of the many dessert tables that you can showcase at yours.

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